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      Dr. Paul Gouda
        C.Chem., PRMD., Ph.D.
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               Paul Gouda's books and papers include:

In Literature:

The author's academic background includes graduate studies at two universities in sociology, theology, and philosophy. These decade-long scholastic evening studies - programmes were enjoyed by the author while working as a chemist. The achievements included a Masters and a doctorate in literature.  

The Sound of High Heels. A novel. A romance erotica.

* Intoxicated Emotions. Philosophical Poetry.

The Purple Dream. Philosophical Poetry.

The Scent of The Full Moon. Philosophical Poetry.

Survival of the Cutest. Social studies. A development of a paper by the author    
   on social psychology, "The Power of Boobs."

The development of Medieval Theology, and its reduction to a     
   systematic form.

* When man created god. Another look at the the origin of religion.

The Wolf that loves rosesIn progress. Poetry. The best of Paul Gouda.

Mine is Bigger. A Novel. Thriller - Mystery. In progress. 

And, in the recreational arena: 

*  The kitchen Encyclopedia.  Creative cooking and the home-making of many products: from sauces, ice cream, and more... to beer and wine. A hobby by the author.

* The Referee Bible. A manual for football "Soccer" referees, instructors, and assessors. The author has renowned experience as a referee, assessor, instructor, and technical development director in several countries..

In Science:

Dr. Gouda is a renowned research scientist with several published pharmacology, medical and chemical journals. He is accredited with the creation of several ultra-trace chemical analysis methods that were globally named after him, and the development of pharmacology methodology in medical research. After first attending medical school, he dug deeper into pharmacology and analytical chemistry research. He obtained his Masters, Ph.D. and a subsequent  doctorate in analytical, medical and pharmacology fields. He served as Chief Chemist for over two decades. Visit:

Choosing the Sex of your Baby.  Boy or a girl? A medical paper on gender selection in mammals: Humans and animals, written for the layman and physicians alike. A proven success in the application of sex selection via normal human intercourse; supported by a medical journal on a chemical compound utilized for spermatozoa separation for human and animal A.I. application. A must for every young couples.

* Arsenic, Selenium, Antimony. Ultra-trace Analysis. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, and Inductively Coupled Plasma. 

* Hydrargyrum. Mercury ultra trace analysis, from diphenylthiocarbozone, to atomoc absorption.

* Chemical manipulation of hormonal compounds for pharmacology -medical research. 

What Really Happened.
Politics for dummies. Using recent political developments to explain to laymen, by a layman, the Right vs Left applications. 

The Canadian-Egyptian author and scientist, lived in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada, for the past forty years. He studied at four Canadian universities in Ontario, and has resided in BC since 1998. He raised his only son on Vancouver Island as a single-parent. A son who has now left home for college. The author currently enjoys Vancouver Island, British Columbia's paradise as a semi-retired single man, and enjoying speaking at the occasional symposium or seminar or clinic, and his activities as a writer-author.    He welcomes your correspondence for both science and literature related events or topics.