Books & papers by  Dr. Gouda
                                                  C.Chem.,  P.R.M.D.,  Ph.D.  
Intoxicated  Emotions   

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The development of medieval theology and its reduction to a systematic form.              Sold out.
Arsenic, Selenium & Antimony:
ultra trace analysis 
Metalloid  hydride generation - and a comparative study on inductive coupled plasma detection level.
Hg ultra trace analysis, from diphenylthiocarbozone to cold vabour atomic absorption.
National Football "Soccer" Referee Development Programme manual.
For training Referee instructors and assessors.             Sold out. A 3rd edition is planned.
Survival of the cutest.
A sociology paper  on applied  psychology. 
                                  Sold out.    A 2nd. edition is planned.
Chef's  Encyclopedia
Volume -1 A culinary art manual, not a cook book.  It'll  teach you how to cook, how to think like a chef; not how to follow a recipe.
                                     Sold out.  A 2nd edition is planned.
The scent of the full moon   

The purple dream.     

& Philosophy     

Social studies

The  Power of  boobs.
                         In progress.
 When the pharaoh created God.   
 A second look at the origin of religion   
                                    In progress.
Specific medical applications of pharmaceutical compounds formed from phytohormones molecules: 
neurochemical manipulation in the field of sex drive. Medical journal.

Physiology manipulation in the field of mammal sex selection via C.A.I.  for both human conception and animal breeding applications. 
A compound for separation of X & Y spermatozoa. 

Choosing the sex of your baby - 
Made simple. Made certain.



The wolf that loved roses.    
                                     In progress.


The sound of high heels.
Based on a true story.  Romance-Erotica. Thriller.  Fiction.  Sexually-charged.
Other news:
A short story I am submitting to a national short story contest.  A personal reflection.
Mine is bigger.
Novel. Thriller. Fiction. In progress. 
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Most recent:
The Sound of High Heels.

A Novel. 
Romance. Erotica. Thriller.

Over 600 pages of entertainment. 
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